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EXPION 360 Viper Lithium Dual Battery Side-by-Side-Kit

Part #: EV-V120-2B-KIT
$4,499.00 $3,995.00


EXPION 360 VPR PowerMod Kits take the guess work out of installing a new lithium battery system in your RV by providing: The VPR PowerMod Battery(s) Power Cabling Hardware Lithium Profile Charger All in a convenient installation kit! Multiple Battery Connection: The VPR PowerMod has the capability to be parallel connected using the available bus bars and or cables available through Expion360. By parallel connecting the VPR PowerMod you will increase capacity and discharge rate by the rated amount of a single VPR PowerMod battery without increasing voltage. You can parallel connect up to eight VPR PowerMod.